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Easter pilgrimage to Walsingham



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Wensum Leg - Outline plan and route

Sunday Meet at Wymondam Catholic Church Hall on Sunday Evening.

Monday Walk 8 miles to Little Ellingham. Sleep in the hall that night with dinner provided by parishioners.

Tuesday Walk 8-9 miles to Cranworth Village Hall. Sleep in the hall that night.

Wednesday Walk 7-8 miles from Cranworth to Dereham with station stops at on route. Stay in a church hall in Dereham and eat out in the evening. (As this is a slightly shorter day, possible go-karting at Letton before departure.)

Thursday Walk 12.2 miles From Dereham to Great Ryburgh. The longest day, but you do not have to walk all the way as there will be space for people as well as bags in the support vehicles. Stop for stations and lunch.

Good Friday Walk 10 miles from Great Ryburgh to the Slipper Chapel via Fakenham, Sculthorpe and West Barsham. At the Slipper Chapel, meet up with the rest of the Student Cross pilgrimage, and walk the ‘Holy Mile’ into Walsingham together.

Easter Weekend Stay in the ‘Pilgrim Hall’ at the Anglican Shrine, near where Peg and Wells legs stay. Sleeping on the floor of the Hall. Eat in the refectory. Celebrate the Easter Liturgies with the rest of Student Cross. The pilgrimage ends after lunch on Easter Sunday.


Introduction to Wensum Leg



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