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Easter pilgrimage to Walsingham



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Wensum Leg - for families with older children

Wensum Leg next takes place 5-12 April 2020
Wensum Leg is aimed at children of secondary school age and their parents/guardians to experience a ‘scaled down’ pilgrimage. All children must have a parent or guardian with them on the leg.

Wensum Leg contains all the essential elements of the other Student Cross Legs (walking, cross carrying, liturgy, music, humour, camaraderie, discussion, friendship, etc) but we do not walk as far (between 8-12 miles a day). In addition the cross we carry is smaller and lighter than those carried by the other Student Cross legs.

Wensum Leg walk for five days walking along part of the Wensum Valley starting in Wymondham and walking via Little Ellingham, Cranworth Village Hall, Dereham and Great Ryburgh, crossing the River Wensum on Good Friday before arriving in Walsingham. On the way we stay overnight in church or village halls, sleeping on the floor in sleeping bags (softened by roll mats or airbeds). We will walk along a mixture of quiet roads and footpaths, stopping at churches along the way for ‘stations’ (short liturgies led by members of the leg) and refreshments. There will be a support car so you do not need to carry all your gear, only what you need for the day.

Wensum Leg should be equally suitable for pilgrims who have walked on Student Cross before and now want to bring their children along and for families who are new to Student Cross.

All children should be of Secondary School age, however this is only a guide for parents as some children may struggle with the daily walking, carrying a cross, and late nights.


Wensum Leg 2019 prices:

Category 1 families*:
£150 (adults), £75 (children aged 12+)
Category 2 families*:
£115 (adults), £55 (children aged 12+)
Category 3 families*:
£75 (adults), £35 (children aged 12+)

Prices include all food, accommodation costs and activities, except for your own spending money, Wednesday evening meal out and Saturday lunch in Walsingham.

*For more on family leg price categories, read our explainer

If you think you may have any difficulty with the cost of Wensum Leg, do not be put off. The Student Cross Association (SCA) makes funds available to assist with costs for those on lower incomes – please let us know if this applied to you. Do not let cost prevent you from joining us.

Questions about Wensum Leg? Contact the leg leaders

Outline Wensum Leg plan and route


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