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Easter pilgrimage to Walsingham



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Wells Leg - all age family group

Wells Leg next takes place 5-12 April 2020
Welcome to our family pilgrimage for Easter. We are based in the Youth Hostel at Wells-next-the-Sea and explore the themes of Holy Week and Easter whilst building our community and exploring the north Norfolk countryside.

Wells Leg walks every day covering distance suitable for young children. Most walks are suitable for three-wheel buggies.

We plan other activities including craft, beach fun, swimming, the steam train and also join with the Easter activities of the local Parish, conveniently across the road from the Youth Hostel. We walk the whole distance from Wells to Walsingham over Maundy Thursday and Good Friday to join the rest of the Legs at the Slipper Chapel.

We organise our own liturgy to cater for everyone in your family: adult, baby, child or teenager so that we are all part of the pilgrimage. We share short reflections called ‘Stations’ whilst we are walking, have children-focused liturgy in the day, and older-children / adult evening prayer.

We enjoy many things you may expect from walking other Legs of Student Cross: the beach, local countryside, cake, beer, cheese and whisky as we prepare ourselves to celebrate Easter. The Youth Hostel has a mix of bedrooms (no dormitories) which mostly sleep 4-5 people and we aim to keep family groups together where possible. We do our own shared catering and have sole use of the accommodation.

We do not want the cost of coming on Wells Leg to be a prohibitive factor in you being able to join us. The Student Cross Association exists to provide financial assistance to people who would otherwise not be able to come on Student Cross. Please contact one of the leaders in confidence to find out more.

The leaders of Wells Leg 2019 are Helen and Murray White.

Questions about Wells Leg? Contact the leg leaders


Wells Leg 2019 prices:

Category 1 families*: £280 (adults),
£120 (children aged 3+)
Category 2 families*: £245 (adults),
£100 (children aged 3+)
Category 3 families*: £205 (adults),
£80 (children aged 3+)

All children aged 2 and under on 13 April 2019 are free. Prices include all food, accommodation costs and activities. The only extra costs are drinks and snacks bought in pubs or cafes, Saturday lunch in Walsingham and your own spending money.

*For more on family leg price categories, read our explainer


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