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Student Cross - privacy and data policy

The organisers, leaders and officers of the Student Cross pilgrimage - including the Student Cross Association (SCA) - recognise and treat as serious and important the privacy of all those who take part in the pilgrimage and communicate with us at any time.

There are a number of ways that you may share personal information and data with Student Cross organisers and officers before, during and after taking part in the pilgrimage. In all of these interactions, you consent to the collection and use of your personal information in accordance with this policy.

This policy only covers centrally-managed activities of Student Cross and the SCA. (Leg leadership teams may separately keep personal contact data of present and past participants of the pilgrimage; queries about these should be directed to leg leaders.

The main principle used in all interactions is that your personal data is only gathered and used for the purpose for which it is intended. We will not sell, license or trade your personal information to others, including direct marketing companies or other such organisations or businesses

The management and use of personal information is carried out within UK and EU data protection laws. This policy has been developed to take account of the use of digital technology but it is subject to change and any such changes may only be notified within this policy.

The processing of personal data is regulated by the UK Data Protection Act 1998. Any requests by individuals for access to information held about them by Student Cross should be made in writing to the National Director of Student Cross by emailing co-ordinator [at] studentcross.org.uk. A statutory fee (currently £10) is payable.

How personal information is collected

The remainder of this Policy describes the specific, main ways that you may share personal information with Student Cross. This list is not exhaustive and personal information may be gathered and used for other specific reasons as required.

1. Booking and applications

To facilitate bookings to join each annual Student Cross pilgrimage, organisers and leaders operate an online/digital booking system. We ask applicants to apply by submitting their information through that system. Information gathered includes name, email, phone & address as a minimum requirement.

An applicant is entitled to decline to use that system if they have a legitimate privacy concern, but we are also entitled as an organisation to choose whether to accept such applications by another method, such as by letter or by taking details verbally. In this latter case, such details still need to be recorded digitally or manually. If an applicant wishes to withhold their consent from other permissions sought, eg appearing in promotional photography, this needs to be recorded in the booking system to ensure we are meeting our privacy commitments.

Online bookings are submitted into a central digital booking record that can be accessed only by the National Director, Recruitment Director and Online Editor. Bookings for a specific pilgrim group are additionally made available to the leaders of the preferred pilgrim group (or 'leg').

Some personal data (including name and contact details) are kept after the pilgrimage for the purpose of marketing the pilgrimage in future years (see 3. Keeping in touch).

The rest of the applicant's booking data may be aggregated without identification for statistical purposes, but otherwise is deleted post-Easter.

2. Student Cross Association

The Student Cross Association (SCA) is a registered charity that exists to raise and disburse funds to needy pilgrims to enable them to take part in Student Cross.

As part of the pilgrimage booking process, applicants are asked to self-declare in one of several income categories or to request further financial help from the SCA. This declaration is made available to the leader of your preferred leg and may be made available to the SCA Treasurer and Trustees to help them to decide if you are entitled to an SCA grant or other bursary.

Leg leaders are asked to provide the SCA with an outline summary of their leg annual accounts. This allows the SCA Treasurer to assess that the leg has used grant money appropriately and is budgeting responsibly.

The SCA maintains financial records digitally or manually to record its income and expenditure and other financial decisions in accordance with its status as a registered charity and the legal requirements of the Charity Commission. These records include the name, contact details and tax status of regular donors. These records are maintained securely by the SCA Treasurer and may be accessed by the Treasurer or Trustees.

To find out more about the SCA including its grants policy and annual accounts go to www.studentcross.org.uk/sca.htm 

3. Keeping in touch

After providing your personal information for the purpose of applying to take part in the Student Cross pilgrimage, we reserve the right to keep your name and personal contact information for the purpose of marketing the pilgrimage and other activities in future years.

We may use this information to inform you of news and information about the pilgrimage or to invite you to take part in future pilgrimages or other events or activities organised by Student Cross. Such communications may include emails, email newsletters, phone calls or invites to join or follow social media groups, lists or streams.

You have the right to stop receiving any or all such communications at any time. To request removal from any communications including mailing lists, please make your request in writing to the National Director via email to co-ordinator [at] studentcross.org.uk 

4. Website and other online places

The main Student Cross website does not currently require visitors to log in to access any information. As such no personal information is required to use the website. In common with most websites, our website may gather logs of activity including location and IP of the userís computer.

Student Cross currently uses a number of social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter. Some of these outputs are managed by national officers, some by leg leaders (or other volunteers acting on their behalf). Users can choose to join or follow our social media groups or feeds, subject to the privacy and data policies of the relevant social media platform.

Policy version: October 2017


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