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Easter pilgrimage to Walsingham



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Peg Leg - all age family group

Peg Leg next takes place 5-12 April 2020

Peg Leg contains all the elements of Student Cross (walking, cross carrying, liturgy, eating, drinking, music, humour, camaraderie, discussion, friendship, etc) but mixed up in different proportions to make it particularly suitable for families with young children. The cross we carry is smaller and lighter, the walking is shorter and less arduous, the accommodation is less basic and the liturgy is more aimed at our younger members. It is probably best suited to pilgrims who have walked on Student Cross before and now want to bring their young children along but, for some people, Peg Leg has been their first experience of Student Cross and others do come on Peg Leg without children.

Peg Leg is based at Letton Hall, Shipdham, Norfolk, meeting up on Palm Sunday. The group stays at Letton until Friday morning of Holy Week. The Leg will be doing a range of activities including short walks, crafts, making an Easter garden, celebrating Holy Week liturgies and other child friendly activities such as swimming and go-karting (over 10ís only). On Good Friday afternoon Peg Leg walks a few miles into Walsingham where the group spends the Easter weekend joining in the main Student Cross liturgies and activities, as well as holding a family Easter Vigil with Wells Leg.

In Walsingham Peg Leg stays at and is catered for by the Anglican Shrine. During the week the leg cooks for itself, with the adults taking turns to prepare a shared evening meal and picnic lunches.

We do not want the cost of coming on Peg Leg to be a prohibitive factor in you being able to join us. The Student Cross Association exists to provide financial assistance to people who would otherwise not be able to come on Student Cross. Please contact one of the leaders in confidence to find out more.

Questions about Peg Leg? Contact the leg leaders


Peg Leg 2019 prices:

Category 1 families*: £295 (adults, children aged 14 and over),
£130 (children aged 3-13)
Category 2 families*: £260 (adults, children aged 14 and over),
£110 (children aged 3-13)
Category 3 families*: £220 (adults, children aged 14 and over),
£90 (children aged 3-13)

All children aged 2 and under are free. Prices include all food, accommodation costs and activities. The only extra costs are drinks bought in pubs or cafes, Saturday lunch in Walsingham and your own spending money.

*For more on family leg price categories, read our explainer


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