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Easter pilgrimage to Walsingham



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Oxford Leg

Oxford Leg next takes place 13-21 April 2019

We meet up on the Friday before Palm Sunday at the Catholic Chaplaincy in Oxford. We walk just over 120 miles, but this doesn't mean that you have to be super fit to take part, as there are plenty of opportunities for a break.

Our route takes us around Milton Keynes and Bury St Edmunds, then through the centre of Norwich. Buses take us from Buckinghamshire to Suffolk to help us along the way. The Oxford leg route is a bit like our journey with Christ - it may not be the most direct, but you get there in the end.

The liturgy during the week is a mixture of organised (services with the parishes that we walk through) and personal (there are opportunities for pilgrims to share thoughts with the rest of the group). Even though we are seemingly always on the move, there are plenty of opportunities for quiet reflection.

It is a unique way of celebrating Christ's death and resurrection. Carrying a cross, singing hymns and generally giving ten days back to God in the middle of a busy life. It is the perfect opportunity to stop and spiritually refresh yourself.

What makes Oxford leg is the people who walk it. With the exception of one night which we spend with parishioners, the leg is one for the whole pilgrimage. We pray, cook, eat, sleep and laugh together. Everyone has their place and is made to feel one of the group. You may not know anyone at the beginning of the pilgrimage, but by the end you'll be sad to see us go.


We arrive on Good Friday afternoon; with a sense of solemnity for the occasion - marked by a service of the Lord's Passion - but also with a sense of exhilaration for it will soon be time to celebrate the resurrection. Over the weekend there is time to rest, but also time to pray, reflect and mingle with pilgrims from other Legs. A high point of the weekend is Saturday night with a Easter Vigil Mass, after which the pilgrims party in further celebration well into the early hours. Then we finish with our Easter Sunday celebration - an Anglican Eucharist.


Booking for 2019 opens in autumn 2018

Oxford Leg 2018 cost 150 (waged), 90 (low waged), 65 (unwaged)

Questions about Oxford Leg? Contact the leg leader



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