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Outreach weekends

This pitch follows a proposal made by Fr Chris Hughes and Ely Leg a few years ago after a successful ‘mission’ in Scotland.


The proposal is that three or four of the Student Cross ‘reunions’ that take place each year should be ‘Student Cross outreach weekends’.

Rationale (in brief)

1. Student Cross outreach weekends should:

  • act as a reminder that Student Cross is part of a wider church
  • enable a student cross experience to happen outside Holy Week
  • help with recruiting for Student Cross

2. If we have gifts (and Student Cross is a huge gift in itself, and has many gifts within it), then they should be shared

3. What Ely Leg offered in Ross-shire was really appreciated. In particular seeing young (ish) people for whom faith, and the community that is derived from, that is so important. For many of are parishes there are few people in the 18-40 range. Many parishioners are down-hearted at the fact that their own children are disaffected to the church and see no relevance in it, so it really was a tonic for so many in Scotland to see people for whom faith was alive, important and integral to our lives.

Proposal Outline

  • Student Cross outreach weekends should hook up with one or two neighbouring chaplaincies (or parishes) and spend the weekend with the students/parishioners.
  • The weekend should be based around a theme and invite people to engage in a bit of reflection/thinking, this can be done through a myriad of activities such as: discussions, creative activities (art, music, poetry) reflection, game playing, liturgy
  • Activities should also include typical student cross stuff ie a walk and a few visits to support the local pubs
  • Student Cross should propose four centres for outreach weekends at the AGM (thus ensuring that we move this outreach around the country in different years).
  • A group should be established to offer guidance or support in planning the outreach weekends. Fr Chris Hughes is willing to be a part of this group.
  • A couple of people should put themselves forward, or be nominated at the AGM, to co-ordinate one of the outreach weekends.
  • Those who join the outreach weekends should be ready to do a bit of planning of the Friday night and bring their instruments so that everyone can take part and offer their talents.

If it all goes well we should get a healthy bunch of new recruits and share a bit of Student Cross fellowship with the rest of world!

Want to know more? Contact outreach [at]

A few useful websites with inspiration and practical ideas for an outreach weekend: The CAFOD resources tend to focus on ‘real world’ issues. The website provides some really up to date, eye catching resources and lots of ideas to cater for a wide age range.
This website produced by American Jesuits introduces Ignatian spirituality. Ways of praying such as imagining the scriptures and reviewing the day (the examen), which are part of Ignatian Spirituality, could be good things to do with people during a mission. Another way of prayer you could do with people is to slowly read the scriptures. This website introduces this way of praying. Getting people reflect on their lives and what God could be calling them is an important focus of any mission. One way to do this is the ‘See, Judge Act’ method created by Cardinal Cardjin, founder of the Young Christian Workers. This website introduces you to this method. On the ‘Resource Library’ page of the Vatican website, there is a version of the Bible on line (New American Translation), the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the documents of the Second Vatican Council. On the ‘Papal Archive’ page all Papal teaching going back to 1878 is on this site. The ‘Prayer and Spirituality’ and ‘what does the Catholic Church Teach’ pages on the website for the Catholic Bishops of England Wales could also be a useful resource. Revealed is a great starting place for hunting out youth ministry related sites, it contains lots of links.
This website has information about the Catholic Youth Ministry Federation, including a free summary report of recent youth ministry research.
The National Council for Voluntary Youth Services is “The independent voice of the voluntary youth sector” and their site is a useful one stop shop for a broader perspective.

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