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Easter pilgrimage to Walsingham



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Midland Leg

Midland Leg next takes place 4-12 April 2020

Midland Leg 2018 Welcome to Student Cross Midland Leg. We are a welcoming and friendly group made up of a mixture of students and non-students. We are one of the eleven groups that make up the Student Cross pilgrimage to Walsingham every Easter.

The community spirit of Midland Leg and the wider spirit of the pilgrimage as a whole means we are open and very receptive to new walkers.

The leg begins each year at the Holy Cross Priory in Leicester, only a few minutes walk from Leicester train station, making us very easy to get to from anywhere in the Midlands and beyond.

Over 7 days we walk nearly 120 miles carrying a cross. Our route takes us via Stamford, Wisbech, King’s Lynn and eventually into Walsingham. You don't have to be very fit to walk - all you need is a well-worn pair of trainers. You don't even carry your baggage, as this goes in our support car. All that is carried is the cross between three people for a few minutes at a time. Our cross is one of the lightest of all the crosses of Student Cross.
Over the years we have developed long-lasting friendships with the parishes that we pass through on our way to Walsingham. Sharing the pilgrim experience with these parishes is an important part of Midland Leg, both spiritually and socially. The support and encouragement we receive from them - providing warmth, shelter, food and hospitality - is much appreciated. We have also developed long-lasting friendships with the landlords of the pubs that we walk past. Their willingness to provide brief shelter for a lunch stop or by taking us in for an evening to relax and recuperate before the next day is welcome.

We have many unique features as a leg. Our route crosses the paths of three other legs of Student Cross, giving us the opportunity to spend some time with them as we all make our way to Walsingham. Music plays a big part in carrying us along and by the end of the week everyone joins in, whatever their talent may be. Our liturgy is very important to us and is of course the focus of our Holy Week.

Every year is different but the community that grows and develops on Midland Leg comes along with other things: humour, music, camaraderie, prayer, discussion, friendships and good fun to be had by all. We hope to see you on Midland Leg this Easter.


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Midland Leg 2020 costs £150 (waged), £70 (low waged) or £50 (unwaged/student)

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Midland Leg
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