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Adult Legs - back in 2024

Essex - The 'ice cream' leg

Starting on: Friday 31 March 2023
Cost: £185 waged/£110 low waged/£65 unwaged
7 days of significant walking

Essex is the most coastal route, taking in the sights of sea, sand, an ice cream stop and hills! Praying, reflecting and worshipping together are important parts of our journey, and leading the liturgy is shared by members of the Leg, our chaplains and clergy and lay leaders in the communities we walk through, drawing on our different Christian traditions and life experiences.

Northern - The 'late-night conversations' leg

Starting on: Friday 31 March 2023
Cost: £200 waged/£100 low waged/£50 unwaged
7 days of significant walking

Northern is a year round community that doesn't end when we reach Walsingham. We embrace everyone as they are and share our stories and talents with each other both during the pilgrimage and through the rest of the year. Our group has a diverse range of ages and experiences so we are never short of an interesting story. Our tales and music and evenings together mean that no one feels like an outsider for very long. We act as chaplains to one another with an ecumenical liturgy that is created by the community for the community. Northern Leg seeks to be a diverse and inclusive community, with LGBTQ+ pilgrims a visible part of the leg. Our liturgy creates a space for people to be in touch with their authentic selves.

London  - The 'teamwork means dreamwork' leg

Starting on: Friday 31 March 2023
Cost: £230 waged/£115 low waged/£70 unwaged
7 days of moderate walking

We are the original leg of Pilgrim Cross and follow an ancient pilgrimage route with long established connections with the communities on our way. We are an inclusive and friendly group - you will become part of our supportive Christian community that stays connected throughout the year. We are trying to be as aware as we can be about our impact on our environment. Our liturgy will include Roman Catholic, Methodist and Anglican services along the way.

Midland -  The 'joyous' leg

Starting on: Friday 31 March 2023
Cost: £250 waged/£150 low waged/£115 unwaged
7 days of moderate walking

Midland is a friendly, funloving and faithful leg. We are a lively and inclusive group, always ready to sing, dance and enjoy life. We are ecumenical but have a more Catholic approach. Our liturgy is challenging, reverent and fuelled by the Spirit. We aim for a mix of traditional and more modern elements including poetry and music from outside of the Church tradition. Midland leg has a tradition of welcoming LGBTQ+ people and a wide range of others who may have felt marginalised by the Church model of the “ideal Christian” and we have a tailored liturgy that preaches love and infinite respect for all of God’s people.

Oxford - The 'traditional' leg

Starting on: Friday 31 March 2023
Cost: £195 waged/£110 low waged/£60 unwaged
7 days of significant walking

The Oxford route is a bit like our journey with Christ - it may not be the most direct, but we get there in the end! We walk on tracks and country lanes, carrying our Cross. Usually around two thirds of our ecumenical group are students and young adults. On the road we sing, talk and pray; each day we also spend about an hour in silent reflection whilst we walk through beautiful countryside

Kettering - The 'students and young adults' leg

Starting on: Saturday 31 March 2023
Cost: £185 waged/£75 low waged/£50 unwaged
7 days of walking

Kettering walks through three counties- Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire and Norfolk, taking in beautiful villages and long stretches of fen. All along the way, communities welcome us as we pass through. The variety of what we see on our way complements our liturgy which is organised daily by different members of the group and develops organically as our community does. We have a Catholic chaplain and celebrate Mass several times during the week. Whilst we welcome pilgrims of all backgrounds we are mostly made up of students and young adults.

Ely  - The 'walkers' leg

Starting on: Tuesday 4 April 2023
Cost: £150 waged/£75 low waged/£50 unwaged
3 days of walking

Ely has a shorter route than most, making it ideal for those unable to walk for the whole week. Meeting on the Tuesday before Easter, we walk for three days; one day off-road and two days on. Our liturgies are carefully crafted and draw on the riches of church tradition and contemporary spirituality. Although we only walk three days, we cover 60 miles, making us the leg for walkers.

Easter - The 'one day' leg

Starting on: Thursday 6 April 2023
Cost: £65 waged/£35 low/unwaged or children - Pilgrims arrange their own travel and accomodation
1 day of walking

Easter meet up in Walsingham on Thursday to start celebrating the Easter services with the local parish followed by an evening of getting to know each other. We walk the 10 miles from Wells to Walsingham the next day, stopping along the way for reflections on our theme prepared by volunteers from the leg. The small amount of time together does not stop us from forming great friendships. Walkers on Easter arrange their own accommodation and travel - the fee goes towards the cost of two main meals and other general expenses. This group is for everyone, from those with young children or limited mobility to work commitments - our wide age range leads to very interesting conversations. All who want to celebrate Easter in word and song are welcome.

Virtual Legs - back in 2024

X Leg
-  The 'journey of the mind' leg

Starting on: Friday 31 March 2023
Cost: £50 waged/£30 low-waged
7 days of 'walking'

Be a pioneer. Meet and make exciting new friends! Taste pilgrimage from the comfort of your arm chair! If you would like to throw yourself into the Pilgrim Cross pilgrimage but cannot commit to 120 miles of walking across the rugged English countryside then X leg is for you. We include international pilgrims, pilgrims with limited mobility, pilgrims with caring responsibilities, and pilgrims who have occasional work commitments during the week. We make our liturgy together and we welcome those of different Christian traditions and those who are open to exploring. We positively embrace diversity, use inclusive language in our liturgy and would like contributions from pilgrims which help to make them feel comfortable in the leg.

Family Legs - back in 2024

Wells - The 'community' leg

Starting on: Sunday 2 April 2023
Category 1 families: £410 adults, £220 children aged 3+
Category 2 families: £350 adults, £175 children aged 3+
Category 3 families: £310 adults, £155 children aged 3+
Children under 3 are free
5 days of walking

Wells is a group for families bringing everyone together in fellowship. Based in Wells-next-the-Sea, we walk every day covering distances suitable for young children and three-wheel buggies. The rest of our days are filled with other activities including craft, the beach, swimming, the steam train, and Easter activities with the local Parish over the road. Our liturgy caters for everyone from the smallest children to adults – not always in the same service! We enjoy many things you may expect from walking other parts of Pilgrim Cross. These include, but are not limited to: the beach, local countryside, cake, beer, cheese and whisky.

Peg -  The 'activity' leg

Starting on: Sunday 2 April 2023
Category 1 families: £445 adults, £195 children aged 4-16
Category 2 families: £385 adults, £150 children aged 4-16
Category 3 families: £345 adults, £130 children aged 4-16
Children under 4 are free
5 days of walking

The oldest family leg, Peg contains all the elements of a pilgrimage with a twist. Our cross, walking distance, accommodation and liturgy are all based around the family and suitable for children of all ages. We spend our time doing a range of activities including crafts, egg rolling and making an Easter garden. The emphasis is about community. We walk, pray, eat, play and talk together, meeting old friends and making new ones. It’s a great way for children and parents to commemorate Holy Week and celebrate Easter.

Wensum - The 'awesome' leg

Starting on: Sunday 2 April 2023
Category 1 families: £170 adults, £85 children aged 12+
Category 2 families: £110 adults, £40 children aged 12+
Category 3 families: £70 adults, £20 children aged 12+
5 days of walking

We're a group of families with secondary school age children: year 8 and upwards. We're a scaled down version of a Pilgrim Cross adult leg with walking, liturgy, music, humour, discussion, camaraderie, church hall floors and, most importantly, play parks. From pilgrims well-versed in the pilgrimage and their children, to new families who want to join the community, Wensum welcomes all! Wensum is a chance for teenagers to spend time together away from the usual distractions of life and for their parents/guardians to have some downtime. Cross generational friendships are formed which give a greater understanding of other viewpoints. It's a chance for adults to behave like teenagers and teenagers to be treated like adults. Our liturgy is created by the teenagers, home made, thought provoking and participatory.

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