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Easter pilgrimage to Walsingham



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Where do we walk?

Student Cross next walks 4-12 April 2020

Student Cross has 11 different groups or legs. Each group takes a different route to Walsingham, some longer than others.

Walking legs for adults

Six of the legs walk approximately 120 miles over seven days. These are Essex, Kettering, London, Midland, Northern and Oxford Legs.

Ely Leg walks about 60 miles in three days.

Easter Leg walks about 12 miles in one day.

Family legs

There are two legs for families with younger children, Peg and Wells, while Wensum is for secondary school-aged children and their parents to experience a scaled-down version of the walking pilgrimage.

Each group has its own character, traditions and style. Every year in Walsingham two or three walkers on each Leg take on the responsibility of organising the group the next Easter.

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