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Easter pilgrimage to Walsingham



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Kettering Leg

Kettering Leg next takes place 4-12 April 2020

Kettering Leg are traditionally a diverse bunch. Every year we welcome new walkers and welcome back familiar faces. Most recent new walkers have been students but we welcome people from all sorts of backgrounds, students and non-students.

We walk from just outside Kettering in Northamptonshire to Walsingham in Norfolk, via the Fens, spending each night in a different town or village. We pass through Wisbech and Swaffham, plus many much smaller places.

Every day includes liturgy (morning prayer, personal reflections on route, and perhaps Mass or a penitential service), walking during the morning and the afternoon, breaks for refreshments in a parish or local pub, and relaxing in the evening. Some nights we cook together, and sometimes we are lucky enough to be cooked for! Whilst our week is spent very much as a group, there are opportunities for space and quiet, both while walking and in the evenings. For some, the week is contemplative. For others, itís enough to be away from the demands of everyday life, and to enjoy singing everything from hymns to pop and pub songs. For all of us it is a journey towards Easter and towards God. We love meeting our welcoming hosts and supporters along the way.

We carry with us a cross. Groups of three people take it in turns to carry the cross on their shoulders, for a few minutes at a time. It does not add much to the demands of the journey, but it is an important symbol for us, and for the people we meet.

Although the week is physically demanding, you do not need to be super-fit (many a couch potato has made it to Walsingham) and there is always a support car to hand. If you walk with us, you will no doubt be tired at the end, but we think that you will feel recharged, not just fitter. Come and find out for yourself the great community that Kettering Leg has to offer.

Essential information

Kettering Leg meets in Desborough, Northamptonshire, on the evening of Friday before Palm Sunday. Over the course of seven days walk 120 miles to Walsingham, arriving on Good Friday, and celebrate the Easter liturgies together with others who have walked different routes. We leave Walsingham on Easter Sunday afternoon.

Please do not be put off by the price. If you would like to walk and are not able to contribute financially to the Leg, there are funds available. Just let us know, and the information will go no further.

What you pay helps us cover all the costs relating to food, travel during the week, and accommodation. It also goes towards any equipment we need (like a first aid kit and kitchen utensils). You are welcome to pay in instalments. We need a £30 deposit to secure your place on Kettering Leg, and the rest can be paid between now and the start of the walk.

You will need extra money to pay for: drinks in pubs, travel to Desborough and away from Walsingham. There are coaches to Peterborough, London and Leicester from Walsingham on Easter Sunday (£10-15). Please let us know if travel costs are an issue; we may well be able to either help financially or find someone who can offer you a lift.

Each day we walk between 15-20 miles. We have a support car for people who are unable to walk for a stretch, but most people walk all the way.


Student Cross 2020 booking now available:

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Kettering Leg 2020 costs £140 (waged), £80 (low waged) or £50 (unwaged/student)

Questions? Contact the leg leader

Kettering Leg on Twitter @KetteringLeg


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