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Easter pilgrimage to Walsingham



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Kettering Leg | essential information

Kettering Leg meets in Desborough, Northamptonshire, on the evening of Friday before Palm Sunday. We begin walking the following morning, and over the course of seven days walk 120 miles to Walsingham. We arrive on Good Friday, and celebrate the Easter liturgies together with others who have walked different routes. We leave Walsingham on Easter Sunday afternoon.

Does it cost anything?
Each person is asked to pay something to help cover the cost of getting the Leg to Walsingham, and to contribute to preparation costs. This includes the cost of food and accommodation. Participants are asked for a contribution of £50 unwaged or low waged walkers, £155 for waged walkers. Please do not be put off by the costs. If you would like to walk and are not able to contribute financially to the Leg, don’t worry, there are funds available. Just let us know, and the information will go no further.

What does this cover?
Your contribution will help us cover all the costs relating to food, travel during the week (we don't carry our stuff, we have support cars to carry it for us), and accommodation. It also goes towards any equipment we need (like a first aid kit and kitchen utensils).

Can I pay in instalments?
You are welcome to pay in instalments. We need a £30 deposit to secure your place on Kettering Leg, and the rest can be paid between now and the start of the walk.

What additional costs can I expect?
You will need extra money to pay for:
Drinks in pubs (e.g. at a lunchtime stop or in the evening).
Travel to Desborough and away from Walsingham. There are coaches to Peterborough, London and Leicester from Walsingham on Easter Sunday (£10-15). Please let us know if travel costs are an issue; we may well be able to either help financially or find someone who can offer you a lift.

How difficult is the walking?
Each day we walk between 15-20 miles. We have a support car for people who are unable to walk for a stretch, but most people walk all the way. We also have a qualified first-aider and a comprehensive first-aid kit. Most injuries are minor (e.g. blisters, the occasional twisted ankle) and we warm up and warm down before and after walking.

Can I take part if I can't make the whole week?
Yes! Let us know when you want to join us as soon as you can, and we'll sort something out…

Can I take part if I'm under 18?
Kettering Leg is primarily for students in higher education, former students, and other adult friends. However, this is at the discretion of the leadership team so please contact us with any queries.

Introducing Kettering Leg


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