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Easter pilgrimage to Walsingham



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Essex Leg - Route

Our route winds up the coast from Colchester to Harwich on Saturday; on to pretty Woodbridge on Sunday (via a gorgeous coastal walk, ferry crossings, and several stops for ice creams and a go on the penny slot machines!); and a short hop to Framlingham (with its historic castle) on Monday.

On Tuesday we arrive into Norfolk, with an overnight stop in Harleston; whilst the larger town of Wymondham hosts us on Wednesday evening (and the local St Johnís Ambulance crew very kindly minister to our sore feet!).

Our penultimate night is spent in Cawston on Thursday, having a joint Passover meal and celebration with local parishioners; and after a long day on Friday we arrive, weary but exhilarated, at our final destination, Walsingham, where we meet up to celebrate Easter with the other Legs of Student Cross.


Worship is an important and moving part of our pilgrimage. Sometimes our liturgy is within our own group, and other times we join together with local parishes. We celebrate Masses, a Eucharist, and a Passover meal together with parishioners on Maundy Thursday. And of course, the climax of our week is the amazing Easter services that we share with the other Legs of Student Cross at Walsingham.

We usually walk with a Christian chaplain, and we also have a liturgy secretary whoís responsible for organising all our worship throughout the week. There is plenty of opportunity for all Leg members to get involved with the liturgy, whether itís playing in the music group, writing or leading prayers, or giving readings.



Unlike some of the other Legs, Essex Leg spends every night of the pilgrimage together as a group, sleeping on local church hall floors. This gives us a chance to relax in the company of one another's blisters and get to know each other better. We also do very well compared to the other Leg for cooked breakfasts.

Every day finishes with a delicious hot evening meal prepared by local parishioners with some opportunities to go to a local pub, maybe even a musical evening. If you play a musical instrument, please bring it along to add to the merriment (although please let the leg leaders know first so we can make sure we have space for it in the support cars).

Introduction to Essex Leg


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