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Easter pilgrimage to Walsingham



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Ely Leg

Ely Leg next takes place 17-21 April 2019

Ely Leg

Ely Leg has a shorter route than most of the other legs, making it ideal for those unable to walk for the whole week.

Ely Leg meets in Ely on the evening of the Tuesday before Easter, and walks for three days, before meeting the other groups in Walsingham. The route runs from Ely, through Downham Market and Harpley to Walsingham, a total distance of about 62 miles. The pilgrimage ends on the afternoon of Easter Sunday. Ely Leg follows an ancient pilgrim way, and along the way we are greeted (and fed) by many friendly locals.

Ely Leg was first walked in 1996, and is primarily designed to meet the needs of those who are unable to take the time to walk for a full week. It has the widest age range of walkers, attracting pilgrims ranging from former Peg Leg walkers (older children/teenagers) to the more mature (retired). All under18s must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Ely Leg draws pilgrims from the far north of Scotland to the southern tip of England, and globally from USA to Asia.

If you would like to share the fun and friendship, community and celebration of Student Cross, but are unable to spare a whole week, why not join us?

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Booking for 2019 opens in autumn 2018

Ely Leg 2018 cost 145 (waged), 85 (low waged), or 50 (unwaged)

Questions about Ely Leg? Contact the leg leader  

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