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Easter pilgrimage to Walsingham



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Ely Leg - Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of people walk Ely Leg?
Your sort. We are a diverse group of people who are friendly and who want to spend Holy Week together in a lovely corner of England. We usually have a sprinkling of grandparents, professionals, undergraduates, sixth formers, schoolchildren etc. In recent years weíve had pilgrims from various parts of the UK and from as far away as India, USA and Malaysia. Student Cross is ecumenical; this year we have a Catholic chaplain walking with us and pilgrims are of various denominations or none. What we share is a willingness to participate.

Do pilgrims really carry a cross?
Yes. Itís a life-sized wooden cross and is carried flat across the shoulders by groups of three walkers. But donít worry Ėyouíll only carry it for a few minutes at a time before a fresh group of three will lift it from your shoulders. Itís a great way to bear witness to our faith and to participate in the Easter experience. When we get to Walsingham it will be decorated with flowers and foliage for Easter Sunday.

Where do we walk and where do we stay?
We meet in a church hall in Ely on the Tuesday evening of Holy Week to prepare for our pilgrimage. We start walking the next morning after a short ceremony in Ely Catheral. From there we follow the ancient pilgrim route to Walsingham, spending the next two nights in church halls at Downham Market and Harpley. On Good Friday afternoon we meet up with all the other Legs at Walsingham. We then spend Friday and Saturday nights in the Pilgrim Bureau (twin-bedded rooms) in Walsingham. We depart for home on Easter Sunday afternoon.

Iím not much of a walker Ė will I cope?
Youíd be amazed at the number of couch potatoes who walk all the way to Walsingham, surprising themselves by their achievement. We walk a long way, but itís a lot easier when there is a whole group of us. Thereís lots of singing and several stops each day, either for Ďstationsí which are short reflections, or for parish services and refreshments. And if you need a breather or a bit of first aid, we have support vehicles to whisk you on to the next stop and provide a bit of TLC.

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