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Easter pilgrimage to Walsingham





Leg contacts

7-day routes

Essex Leg 2018 Co-ordinator James Robson
essex-leg [at] studentcross.org.uk

Kettering Leg 2018 Leader Lucy Cross
kettering-leg [at] studentcross.org.uk

London Leg  2018 Leader Katie Higgins
london-leg [at] studentcross.org.uk

Midland Leg 2018 Leader Benedict Brien
midland-leg [at] studentcross.org.uk

Northern Leg 2018 Co-ordinator Matt Neville
northern-leg [at] studentcross.org.uk

Oxford Leg 2018 Leader Anna Roberts
oxford-leg [at] studentcross.org.uk

3-day route

Ely Leg 2018 Leader Sijo Emmanuel
ely-leg [at] studentcross.org.uk

1-day route

Easter Cross 2018 Leader Julia Walton
easter-cross [at] studentcross.org.uk

Family groups

Peg Leg 2018 Leaders Nev Cameron and Ruth Stanley
peg-leg [at] studentcross.org.uk

Wells Leg 2018 Leaders Helen and Murray White
wells-leg [at] studentcross.org.uk

Wensum Leg 2018 Leaders Lisa Macdougall and Sue Cross
wensum-leg [at] studentcross.org.uk

General contacts

If you would like general info about Student Cross, please email info [at] studentcross.org.uk and we'll be happy to help you.

National director 2018 Maeve McCormack
co-ordinator [at] studentcross.org.uk

Music director 2018 Gabby Wright
music [at] studentcross.org.uk

Recruitment director 2018 Matt Neville
info [at] studentcross.org.uk

Online editor Murray White
editor [at] studentcross.org.uk

Photo credits on this site:

Murray White, Bartek Narozny, Dominic Shirt, Peter Tulf, Cosmo Lo, Alice Brien


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